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Tandem Privacy Gate

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Janurary 2017 Gate of the Month

Tandem gates can be the ultimate solution to space constraints. Particularly, they can be a great choice for driveways located off an alley, which is a common theme in the Seattle area!

In this project, we have utilized tandem gate engineering to install a 20' gate that slides into, roughly, 13' of space. Each gate leaf slides on its own track, coming to rest behind the fence line. Where traffic can often times be very high, this gate provides the privacy, safety and security needed by the client.

This location also happened to be an excellent candidate for solar application, eliminating the need for expensive trenching and conduits. 

Access control includes key fob transmitters for the homeowners. Inside and outside keypads allow the clients to come and go, without their key fob, for reasons such as taking out the garbage and recycling cans or simply going for a walk.

Architectural design includes wood application to match the fence. (Fence by others.) 




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