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Double Swing Gate with Orca

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Gate of the Month, April 2017

Don't let a sloped driveway stand in the way of securing the entrance to your property.

Our unique ability to customize your gate system allows us to design outward swinging security gates to accommodate severe changes in grade. No doubt, the Orca logo is the most striking feature on this driveway gate. For a home on the San Juan Islands, would you expect anything different? 

The simple, arched design of the gate makes the laser-cut Orca logo really stand out. Pickets were also strategically removed to emulate the unique markings of the Orca whale.

Access control features a telephone entry system, which allows for 2-way communication and granting or denying access through the security gate via telephone, and single-button key fob transmitters for the homeowners.

The gate system also includes a free exit loop, especially important for an exiting visitor who does not have a transmitter, and reversing loops, which prevent the driveway gate from closing on a vehicle.

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