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Cedar Slide Gate

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May 2017 Gate of the Month 

Wood driveway gates are an excellent choice for security and privacy. This is a popular, Pacific Northwest design aesthetic because of it's natural beauty. Our ability to custom-build automatic gates allows us to match the wood on the gate to existing fencing, or other landscape and architectural designs, on the property.

This wood slide gate features tight knot cedar wood applique, left natural (no stain), and a complimentary pedestrian gate.

The security gate is controlled via single-button transmitters and wireless keypad, and operates via the push to open, push to close feature. This means that the gate operator is not programmed for automatic closure. It requires a signal, via the single-button transmitter or a code from the keypad, to open.

The pedestrian gate features two-way, voice communication via Wi-Fi call box. Visitors, who do not have an access code, push the call-button to ring the app on the homeowners cell phone. The homeowner is able to identify the visitor, through streaming video, and open the gate from the app. While this entry system is Wi-Fi based, this equipment should be hardwired for optimal performance. 

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