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Louver Privacy Gate

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Gate of the Month, July 2018


This month features a slide gate that tricks your eye when driving by.


A gate that creates privacy can be a top priority for many of our clients. To achieve this, we would typically design the gate to have solid metal infill, or wood infill, which blocks the view from the outside. For this particular customer, wood did not quite fit into the aesthetic of the property, and while a solid panel would have achieved the goal, there was concern about the gate being too heavy. As an alternative, we created what is called a louvered gate. Generically speaking, louvers are a type of shutter or blind with angled, horizontal slats. These angles allow filtered air or light to pass through. While shutters and blinds can be opened and closed, the “shutters” on this gate are completely stationary since they are welded to the gate frame. The angled panels are made of 3” x 3/16” steel panels. These angle louvers provide privacy when viewed at one angle, in this case when looking at the front of the house, but give a more open appearance when looking from another angle, toward the hedges. We were able to deliver the goal of privacy and meet the client’s aesthetic, while also ensuring the gate did not exceed weight requirements that could cause extra strain on the automation equipment.

Visitor access is granted via telephone entry system, which is conveniently mounted to a drive-up pedestal. Telephone entry systems allow the homeowner to have two-way voice communication to identify their guests and gives them the ability to open the gate from inside the home.

Additional features include a free exit loop, photo eyes, and a Knox box. A free exit loop is installed under the driveway, which triggers the gate to open when a vehicle drives over it. A reflective photo eyes is mounted on slide gate post to ensure a vehicle or person does not get hit by the sliding gate. Photo eyes like these are similar to the safety eye standards for automatic garage doors. A Knox box has been mounted to the drive-up pedestal for fire department access.

The pedestrian gate, adjacent to the automated driveway gate, is used by the owner or visitor to access the property by foot. Using the vehicle gate to access the property on foot presents safety risks that should be avoided.



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