Double Swing Iron Home Driveway Gate

Bellevue, WA Driveway Gate Permits

All gates installed in areas serviced by the Bellevue Fire Department require a fire department permit before any on-site gate construction can begin. Jurisdictions serviced by the Bellevue Fire Department include Bellevue, Beaux Arts, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina, Newcastle and Yarrow Point.

Other cities served by the Bellevue Fire Department require additional permits. Your Bellevue Fire Department permit must be approved before other permits can be approved.

Submit fire permit applications online at or at Bellevue City Hall.

The following cities require additional driveway gate permitting and/or plan review. Submit all required documents for permitting and/or plan review over-the-counter at the local city hall.

Click the link then look for permit requirements.

Contact us at 206-767-9080 for more information about driveway gate permits for your property in Bellevue.