Parking and Security Gates

Parking Access Control in Greater Bellevue and Seattle

Control Vehicle Access to Your Property with Barrier Arms, Gates, and Bollards

Whether your property is in Seattle, Bellevue, or elsewhere, barrier arms, gates, and bollards are an effective way to control vehicle access. A quality barrier arm and access control system provides easy passage for authorized users. Retractable bollards make an area pedestrian-friendly and easily retract into the ground to allow vehicle access. For added security after hours, combine retractable bollards with barrier arms or gates.

Gate Repair Services

Keep your gate running smoothly with a cost-effective gate system maintenance package. If your entry system has a breakdown, contact us for prompt, professional service. If your gate doesn’t open, call (206) 767-9050 for 24-hour emergency gate service.

Add or Replace Your Parking Access System

No matter how unusual your design or installation requirements are, our professional team of parking access specialists are ready to design an effective solution. Forget pre-fab and packaged solutions. Our in-house design, fabrication, and installation departments can create, fabricate, and install a parking access system that suits your needs perfectly and runs reliably for decades.

See a handful of commercial access control systems – a few of the many commercial, industrial, and government properties we’re secured. We proudly provide greater Seattle and Bellevue with custom commercial, community, and residential entry gate and installation services.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and concerns with one of our parking access control specialists.