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Entry Gates

Beauty, Service and Security for a Lifetime

Entry gates from Automated Gates & Equipment company are an excellent source of security and value enhancement for your home. We have everything you need for beautiful, custom entry gates – from initial original design, to fabrication, to installation, to a great variety of control options, to maintenance and service.

Our entry gate team is friendly, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. We’re eager to hear your entry gate ideas and will happily share our own, along with a lot of valuable practical experience.

We are happy to work in concert with you and your architects, industrial designers, contractors, project engineers and purchasing agents.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

Sandblasted Wood Pedestrian Gate

Design is the Heart Of It

Our expert entry gate design work assures both form and functionality in every gate, whether it protects your home or business. We work with you to create beautiful, original entry gates that reflect your taste and may incorporate personal preferences such as a family heraldry, the work of noted artisans, or favorite artwork or themes. That adds significantly to the convenience, appeal, and value of your property.

We are Experts at Making and Installing a Superb Entry Gate

It takes more than specialized machinery to create superb entry gates that work properly for years. It takes craftsmanship. And that demands skilled people with years of training and experience, and an attitude that “good enough” is not good enough. Run your hand over the smoothly finished metalwork of an entry gate from Automated Gates & Equipment Company. Look carefully at the strength of every part. Check to see how meticulously it is balanced as you swing it open. Step back and admire its beauty, which may have been enhanced by intricate laser cutting or hand forging of artistic elements.

Every one of our entry gate team members, from electricians, to construction and installation specialists, to our welders and assistants, believes that construction and installation details make a difference. This enables us to create an entry gate you can be proud of.

Taking Care of Entry Gates and their Owners

Our entry gates are built to be trouble-free and long lasting. Many of our entry gate installations, depending on location and usage, are covered by a strong warranty. (Ask us for details). We offer on call service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for virtually any entry gate repair.

To keep your entry gate in good condition, we offer access control system maintenance services at a reasonable cost.

Equipment upgrades are available too, in case your needs change, or you want to keep up with current technology such as home automation.

Solutions for Business, Industry, and Government

Automated Gates & Equipment Company is the Northwest’s most sought after resource for organizations and institutions requiring entry gates and equipment for access control.

We design and build gate entry systems for all types of properties from airports and truck parks, to refineries, commercial and employee parking lots, correctional institutions, and more – anywhere that security, durability, functionality, and reliability are high priorities.

We’re available to consult with your representatives, including architects, engineers, contractors, and purchasing authorities to help met both straightforward or unusual design, control, or installation tasks, with cost-effective solutions.

Contact us for a proposal or informal queries.

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