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Beauty, Service and Security for a Lifetime

Seattle driveway gates. Looking at driveway gates for your Seattle home? Automated Gates & Equipment company is a single source of everything you need for a beautiful, custom entrance or access gate – from initial original design, to fabrication, to installation, to a great variety of control options, to maintenance and service.

Design is the Heart Of It

At Automated Gates & Equipment Company expert design work assures both form and functionality in every driveway gate, whether it graces a garden or is the striped barrier arm that goes up and down a thousand times a day in a parking garage.

Residential Iron Wood Slide Gate - Seattle

How to Make and Install a Good Driveway Gate

It takes more than specialized machinery to create superb driveway gates that last for years and work properly. It takes craftsmanship. And that demands skilled people with years of training and experience, and an attitude that “good enough” is not good enough. Run your hand over the smoothly finished metalwork of a gate from Automated Gates & Equipment Company. Look carefully at the strength of every part. Check to see how it hangs, how meticulously it is balanced as you swing it open. Step back and admire its beauty, which may have been enhanced by intricate laser cutting or hand forging of artistic elements.

Taking Care of Gates and Their Owners

Gates from Automated Gates & Equipment Company are built to last and be trouble-free. Many of our installations, depending on location and usage, also are covered by a strong warranty. (Ask for the details). For every gate installation we offer on call service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for virtually any repair.

We work hard to provide service quickly, so your gate is back in business in a hurry. You’ll like our service personnel, too. They never regard your problem as an inconvenience – and they’re anxious to help you.

To keep your gate installation in good order, we also offer a variety of maintenance services at a reasonable cost. Equipment upgrades are available too, in case your needs change, or you want to keep up with current technology such as home automation.

About Controls and Equipment

We’re proud to be able to provide our customers with leading national brands of control equipment for every kind of residential, commercial, or industrial requirement. We’re free to recommend the best equipment for your application and use, and your choice is never limited to favored or “house” brands. We’re happy to guide you to the best values, too.

Our state-of-the-art control equipment is also a frequent choice of security contractors, access control companies, and home automation installers.

When your gate system keeps out intruders, keeps the dog in, opens automatically when you drive up, turns on the lights in the den, turns off your alarm system and plays your favorite CD as you come in, you’ll have a new view of the possibilities today’s technology can offer.

Solutions for Business, Industry, and Government

Automated Gates & Equipment Company is the Northwest’s most sought after resource for home owners, organizations, and institutions requiring gates and equipment for access control.

We design and build systems for controlled gates in business, industrial, and government installations ranging from airports, to truck parks, refineries, commercial and employee parking lots, correctional institutions, and more – anywhere that security, durability, functionality, and reliability are high priorities.

We design and build secure, reliable, and durable residential automated gate systems for small and large homes, both urban and rural, including multi-family properties.

We’re available to consult with our client’ representatives, including architects, engineers, contractors, and purchasing authorities to help met both straightforward or unusual design, control, or installation tasks, with cost-effective solutions.

We respond quickly and comprehensively to requests for proposal, invitations to bid, or informal queries for information.

Contact us today to talk with a Seattle driveway gate specialist about an entry gate for your home, multi-family property, or commercial property.