Featured Gate - Thick framed iron driveway gate  - Seattle

Modern, Thick Framed Automated Driveway Gate

This double swing iron driveway gate creates a beautiful entryway to this modern waterfront home. The gate’s geometric patterns complement the home’s design, particularly the garage door design.

We specially engineered the gate to suit the driveway’s hour-glass layout. The driveway is narrow at the entrance and widens as you enter. A typical 90-degree gate opening would be too narrow, so we designed this gate to open 105-degrees. Any vehicle can easily drive through without the risk of hitting the gate, even if it is in its fully open position.

Because the home is on the ocean, the gate was hot-dipped galvanized before painting, giving it added protection against rust from sea salt in the air.

For new construction projects, you can reduce costs and save time if you contact us in the early stages, especially before paving the driveway. We can consult and coordinate the trenching and concrete logistics needed for a smooth installation. Clear, early communication helps avoid unnecessary disruption to a beautiful stamped concrete driveway or elegant landscape design. For this gate, we installed traffic loops before other contractors finished their driveway.

We mounted the telephone entry system and a pinhole camera to a drive-up pedestal. The camera provides another layer of security with a one-way, live video feed to the homeowner. The telephone entry system stores up to 50 programmable codes that can be added or deleted at any time. Codes and other programming features can be added, removed, and edited at the unit or over the phone.

The automated gate is easy for guests to use. When they arrive, they push the call button and identify themselves; then, the homeowner uses their phone to open the gate. This gate system has a free exit loop, a convenient, hands-free method for owners and guests to exit the property. The owner doesn’t have to push their transmitter to open the gate. Speaking of convenience, the system has dual button transmitters. One button is programmed to use at the gate and the other at the garage.

Gate ID: 16232

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