Featured Gate January 2018

January’s Featured Gate features a striking, double swing gate and matching pedestrian gate. Decorative scroll details, added to the top and bottom of the gate, give an extra custom touch and provides privacy and security to the home without appearing bulky. The solid iron panels have a curved top for added height and a unique look. The gate’s custom bronze color, as selected by the customer, complements the home’s architectural details. As an added challenge, the topography of the driveway required the gate to swing uphill. To achieve the uphill swing, our designers not only designed the gate system’s geometry to ensure the gate does not hit the ground in its open position, but also specified the appropriate gate operator to achieve this. Not all operators are created equal, so it is important to consider the details of the project.

The keypad and video intercom, recessed into the rock pillars, communicate with the Wi-Fi router in the home. The live streaming video allows the homeowner to see who is requesting access to the property. Once they have viewed the video and have verified the visitor, they can open the gate from the app, all while sitting on their couch!

Typically, a free exit loop and two reversing loops are installed under the driveway to command the gate to open for exiting visitors and to protect the gate from hitting a vehicle, respectively. Due to the existing driveway pavers, the customer requested that we come up with a solution so the pavers were not disturbed. Alternatively, we installed a free exit probe, that sits off to the side of the driveway, and is a convenient way for friends and family to exit the property that don’t have a transmitter, or remote. We also installed a second pair of photo eyes, on the inside of the property, to protect the area in the swinging path of the gate.

The matching pedestrian gate, to the right, is useful for going out to walk dogs. The pedestrian gate is secured by a lever handle lock system and a deadbolt.

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