Industrial Double Swing Gate

Industrial Double Swing Gate


Featured Gate May 2016

Wood and metal combine to make this entrance impassable, yet approachable. The rusted-out,galvanizedmetalpanels create a hard, industrial look giving privacy-security the resident desired. On the contrary, the rustic, wood-wrapped frame gives the visitor a cozy invitation to approach. Unauthorized visitors can be granted access to the property via the call button on the telephone entry system. Pre-authorized visitors simply enter their code and the gate will open.

Our scope of work for this project including re-building of the existing gate operators, fabrication of the gate frame, and vehicle remotes to operate the gate. Existing structures and equipment includes masonry pillars, telephone entry system and vehicle loops. The resident used hiscraftsmanshipskills to attach thewood and galvanized metal panels to the frame. The wood was ebony stained, and thegalvanizedpanels were allowed to rust-out before being clear-coated and applied to the frame.

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