Mountain Scene Gate

Mountain Scene Gate


Featured Gate March 2018

This gate features a 15-foot double swing gate located in North Bend, Washington. While this style of arched gate is a popular choice among many of our clients, the highly customized laser cut design adds a perfect touch of creativity and flare. Consistent with Pacific Northwest scenery, the laser cut art piece depicts a mountain scene and wildlife. Our designers produced several drafts before the look was perfected. While the center of the gate is more abstract, the lower and upper channel rails create the symmetrical balance to this exceptional gate.

The pedestal has a keypad for authorized guests to enter a code. This keypad holds up to 480 codes, which can be added or deleted by the owner any time. Our keypads are built to undertake any weather and seal out moisture, ensuring your keypad will be safe from rain or snow 365 days a year!

A free exit loop was installed into the driveway, to command the gate to open so guests can freely leave. Reversing loops, which prevent the gate from closing on vehicles in its pathway, were also included in this installation. A knox switch was mounted to the pedestal to allow emergency access to the fire department.

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