Security Gate with Decorative Hinge Straps

Custom Wood Security Gate


This piece of work was a two-part masterpiece. The gatehouse project, featuring antique wood doors, and vehicle gate project were completed first. Several years later, we returned to the property, and completed the installation of the garden gate. Both design and engineering were critical components to the overall success of the projects. The gates and doors were creatively-designed with a robust, steel infrastructure to ensure functionality and aesthetic. Like other projects, there is much more to it than meets the eye! There are two really neat features at this entrance. The first feature is that the left hinge post of the gate is actually hidden inside of the gate house. That hidden post also serves as the post for the right door of the gate house. The second feature is the custom-built entry at the brick wall. This is a unique design that is not commonly seen. Both the telephone entry system and postal box are integrated together, creating a cohesive, streamlined driveway entrance.

The vehicle gate was built by the homeowner’s carpenter. Our scope of work included fabrication of the gate frame, decorative hinge straps and automation. Automation includes in-ground operators (these are totally hidden from view!), telephone entry, and free exit.

The gate house was built after the driveway gate, and gatehouse doors, were installed. This was ideal because it allowed us to provide the steel infrastructure without having to work within the confines of an existing structure. The antique, wood doors were supplied by the homeowner. The difference in the color of the wood, between the door and the gate, is quite noticeable. This is due to the natural wear and tear from the weather that has caused the wood on the vehicle gate to age differently than the door. The left door has a drop-down cane bolt to hold it in place. Other decorative features include custom designed hinge-straps and a door handle made of an ornamental scroll pattern.

The doors for this garden gate were also provided by the homeowner. Having a deja vu moment? You should be! These antique wood doors are exact matches to the gatehouse doors, and just like the gatehouse, the wood clad was applied after the gate was hung. Although you can’t see it now, there is an entire steel infrastructure underneath all the wood. This gate also has the same decorative hinge-strap feature as the other gates. The complementary design of all three gates creates a polished look to the property and invokes a certain level of comfort, as if the gates should have been there all long!

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