Featured Gate March 2019

This double-leaf swing gate features a laser-cut shamrock. There are two ways laser cut art is attached to gates. The art can either be surface-mounted, which is easier to weld to the gate, or it can be flush-mounted, which is more complicated and requires precision welding technique. The unique characteristic of flush mounted art is that it generally opens in the middle as the gate opens. Then, when the gate reaches its closed position, the full display of art comes to life as the two gate panels are reunited. In this application, the closed gate reveals a lucky four-leaf clover!

The shamrock was not the only driveway gate detail that needed careful design. Most automated gates swing in to the property. It is as common as a door swinging in to your home or in to a building. Since this driveway has a steep uphill slope, the automated gate was designed to swing out to ensure it would not touch the ground or drag when opening. It is important to let your guests know that your gate swings out to ensure they do not approach the gate too closely. This automated gate system also includes a telephone entry system, which provides voice communication at the gate, that holds up to 50 codes.

All of our gate systems are constructed with heavy duty posts to support the gate leaf panels. While not necessary for the functionality of the gate, many of our customers take the beauty of their gate entrance a step further and choose to wrap their gate posts in lovely rock or stone pillars. Pillars often add that elegant, final touch to complete the gate system.

Gate ID: 14151

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