Swing Gate with Gabion Wall

Bronze Single Swing Gate


Featured Gate February 2016

This swing gate system was designed with symmetry and landscape in mind. The gate’s bronze color blends nicely with the gabion retaining wall and matches the gutters on the house, and the arch extending through the upper section of the gate mimics the arches on the house.Access control includes transmitters to open the gate from a vehicle anda keypad entry system to allowauthorized visitors.

So, what is a gabion? A gabion is a cage or box typically filled with rock, cement, soil or sand. They have traditionally been used in commercial construction for erosion control. In this particular application, they were filled with river rock and tied together with wire. Over time, the wire will continue to rust, adding appeal to the overall look. The gabion wall creates a unique perimeter around the property and is a great way to re-use some of the naturally occurring resources in the area. The client wanted an entry system that wouldn’t draw too much attention to the house. He wanted his gate to blend-in versus it being the focal point. Working with Bergevin Homes, we were able to design this gate system to be complementary to the gabion wall, creating a harmonious and well-balanced aesthetic.

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