Shamrock Driveway Gate - 14151

Shamrock Driveway Gate

Double-leaf iron swing gate featuring a custom laser-cut shamrock. This beautiful gate was specially designed for an upward sloping driveway.

Attaching Laser-Cut Art to a Driveway Gate

There are two ways to attach laser-cut art to driveway gates. We can surface-mount it, making it easier to weld to the gate, or flush-mount it, which is more complicated and requires a precision welding technique. The unique characteristic of flush-mounted art is that it generally opens in the middle as the gate opens. When the gate fully closes, the complete art comes to life when the two gate panels are reunited. In this gate, the closed gate reveals a lucky four-leaf clover!

Designing a Gate for an Upward Sloping Driveway

The shamrock is not the detail in this driveway gate detail that required careful design. Most automated gates swing into the property – just like doors generally open into your home or a building. Because of this driveway’s steep uphill slope, we designed this automated driveway to swing out to avoid touching the ground or dragging when it opens. When a gate swings out, like this one, it’s crucial to let your guests know to ensure they don’t approach the gate too closely. We installed the telephone entry system far enough from the gates to help ensure the gates have ample room to open without touching a vehicle waiting to enter.

Automated Entry Gate Telephone System

This automated driveway gate system includes a telephone entry system so the homeowner can talk with visitors at the entrance. The entry system holds 50 custom entry codes.

Handsome Stone Pillars

All of our gate systems are constructed with heavy-duty posts to support the gate panels. While not necessary for the gate to function, many homeowners we work with take the beauty of their gate entrance a step further and choose to wrap their gate posts in handsome rock or stone pillars, like these. Pillars add an elegant, final touch to complete the gate system.

Gate ID: 14151

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