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Trouble Signs to Watch for When You Select a Seattle Driveway Gate Company

There Are Many Ways to Install Driveway Gate Systems, Not all Are Safe

Every driveway gate and access control system installation is unique. We have fixed countless installations in and around the greater Seattle and Bellevue; we have outlined a few here. The original gate installations created hazardous situations in addition to being a waste of the customer’s money. Ensure your installation is done correctly by selecting a trained and experienced gate and access control company. You can avoid hazardous situations and save money.

Scenario 1: Pedestrians Beware

Keen attention to detail and proper planning are crucial when designing and installing an automated gate system. The first photo shows a complete lack of consideration for pedestrians – the mechanism and its exposed pinpoints would clearly endanger them. The gate’s arm doesn’t just get in the way, creating a nuisance for passersby, but completely blocks the sidewalk when fully opened. Particular care is needed when taking into account those on foot, especially young children. When something so obviously flawed and dangerous was overlooked, it makes one wonder what miscalculations may have been made to less apparent project details.

Scenario 2: A “Shocking” Example of Exposed Wiring

Wires running along the ground near the gate should never be visible – it is unattractive and extremely hazardous. Exposed wires could cause all sorts of issues, from gate malfunctions to electrocution. It is essential to bury electrical wires in dirt or, in some cases, concrete. Power lines above ground pose an obvious danger. Though some wires are encased in conduit (photo 2), the installer opted to use landscaper’s piping which is unfit to house live electric wires.

The electrical box (photo 3) does not have a protective face cover; this is particularly hazardous considering Washington’s wet and unpredictable weather. Rain is an obvious threat. In addition, the wires are vulnerable to “critters” that inhabit the property. Slugs, in particular, are notorious in the gate industry for destroying control boards and other gate components.

Scenario 3: The “Rat’s Nest”

This is a classic example of a “rat’s nest.” Wires are tangled together, some components are unplugged, some have fallen out of place, and nothing is clearly labeled. It displays a complete lack of organization. A control box in this condition creates many difficulties when servicing the gate. Even worse, it can be a dangerous situation when not handled by a professional with a skilled eye. A service technician with limited experience would find it virtually impossible to repair this control box.

Ensure Your Automated Driveway Gate is Safe, Attractive, and Built to Last

Now you know more about what to look for when you select a Seattle-based company. Ensure your driveway gate and access control system are installed correctly and deliver security and peace of mind.

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