Wood Driveway Privacy Gate

Unincorporated Pierce County Driveway Gate Permits

Properties within Unincorporated Pierce County require a gate permit for all gates installed across a driveway including single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, and businesses.

The following gate guides outline the specific requirements which your gate must meet, as set forth by the County. It is important to review this information as part of your initial gate project research.

  • Residential Gate Guide – gates serving one single-family home.
  • Gate Guide – gates serving more than one single-family home, multi-family, commercial, and industrial properties.

Submit your gate drawings at the Pierce County website, www.piercecountywa.org/4640/Gate-Permit

Note: If site development is needed, a separate site development permit must be acquired and must be completed by a separate contractor.

Questions? Contact us for more information about driveway gate permitting for your property and to talk with a gate specialist.