Featured Gate April 2019

The variety of, and access to, wildlife in the Pacific Northwest is one of the many reasons people choose to make their homes here. Using your driveway gate to display such wildlife scenes is common. This gate of the month features a true Pacific Northwest driveway gate, which showcases laser cut antlers as the focal point. The automated gate opens up to a beautiful driveway path, leading up to the residence, and creates an elegant pathway with its classic arch design. Access control on the driveway gate features a telephone entry system. This system allows for 2-way voice communication and granting or denying access through via telephone.

Automated Gates and Equipment also installed two single swing gates, two pedestrian gates, and 200 feet of custom iron fencing! What a project!

Pedestrian gates are useful for walking traffic. They provide various access points to the property yet still maintain security around the perimeter. Door hardware on these gates features a simple, lever handle locking system. At the discretion of the owner, the gate can be locked with a deadbolt, or it can remain unlocked.

The gate system also includes a free exit loop, helpful for vehicles that do not have a transmitter, which commands the gate to open for an exiting vehicle. In addition, a reversing loop was installed to prevent the driveway gate from closing on a vehicle.

Gate ID: 16188

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