Beautiful Scroll Work Gate

Beautiful Scroll Work Gate


Featured Gate January 2019

This gate features a decorative iron security gate and a pedestrian gate, located north of Seattle. The double swing driveway gate has decorative scroll details and collars which match the existing fencing and railings on the home. The pedestrian gate has a classic arched top and is infilled with decorative iron mesh to prevent reach-through of unauthorized guests. The cultured stone masonry pillars beautifully frame the gates and match existing masonry on the property.

The vehicle gate system features a cellular entry system, which allows the guest to request access at the push of a button and the homeowner to grant access via their cell phone. This type of system eliminates the need for a land line in the home because it utilizes the cell carrier towers to send and receive phone calls and data transfers. As telephone lines become obsolete, cellular entry systems are quickly becoming the top choice for access control systems where voice communication and remote cellphone control are desired. The homeowner can access the vehicle gate in various ways; via remote transmitter in their car, the keypad on the entry system, or by using the app on their phone.

The simple pedestrian gate is perfect access point for foot traffic. It maintains security to the homes front door entrance and can be accessed by visitors and the homeowner via keypad. The homeowner can also an old-fashioned brass key to open the gate.

Other equipment installed includes a Knox switch and vehicle detection loops. The Knox switch authorizes fire department access in the event of an emergency. Reverse loops, buried below the driveway surface, commands the gate to remain open if a vehicle is in its path, preventing the gates from closing on a vehicle. In addition, a free exit loop, also cut into the driveway surface, commands the gate to open for any exiting vehicles. This is especially important to ensure guests can freely exit through the gate without the need for the homeowner to open the gate for them.

A gate permit was required from the City of Kirkland for this project. It is a good idea to research city or fire department requirements when considering a vehicle gate at your driveway.

Gate ID: 17084

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