Custom Brazillian Ipe Gate

Brazillian Ipe Gate


Featured Gate June 2017

Another fine application of an automated gate with Brazilian Ipe, wood cladding. Known for its hardiness and warm, rich color tones, Ipe is becoming more and more popular as an architectural finish lumber. The Ipe in this project has been stained to protect its color and finish because, just like any other wood, its color would fade if it were to be left untreated.

This project included installation of two identical gates on the property. While the wood cladding certainly stands out as a custom element, the rolled flat-bar frame is a unique design feature and is what creates the wavy upper frame.The main photo shows the lower garage gate, with a keypad on a drive-up pedestal, and features inside and outside safety loops to protect the gate from closing on a vehicle. Note: it does not include a free exit loop. This gate is operated via single-button transmitter, or keypad, and is dedicated to garage access only.The upper gate, which is the main entrance to the property and is the only access point for guests. This gate system includes a telephone entry system on a drive-up pedestal (not shown), as well as safety loops and a free exit loop so guests may exit the property freely.Thank you to Hamish Anderson Custom Homes for inviting us to the table. We are proud to have contributed to such a successful project.

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