Custom Iron Leaf Gate

Custom Iron Leaf Gate


Featured Gate October, 2017

Our Featured Gate features a beautiful, double swing gate located in Woodinville, WA. This custom, iron gate does not block the view of the fall leaves just about to turn!

Vineyard long bars were added to the top half of the gate to create a unique, curved look that serves as the focal point to the entrance. The vineyard bars were painted gold and hand bent by our fabrication team. The iron leaves were hand-picked by the client and carefully attached to leave a lasting impression.In addition, the bottom frame of the gate is slightly curved so that the gate does not hit the ground in its full open position. The gate is set between two stone pillars, with architectural lighting fixtures, that produces a striking and finished look.

This iron gate features a telephone entry system, mounted to a drive-up pedestal, for guests to request access to the gate. This allows the homeowner to grant access via their home phone or cell phone. A red Knox Switch was mounted on the stone pillar for fire department access. This gate also includes a free exit loop, to command the gate to open automatically for cars leaving the property, and two reversing loops to ensure the gate does not close on a vehicle.

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