Desert Styled Cantilever Gate

Desert Styled Cantilever Gate


Featured Gate May 2018

Who’s ready for summer? This gate features an automated, southwest-style gate that evokes feelings of warm weather and sunshine, year-round! This circular driveway has two custom, single slide security gates, each serving as separate entry and exit. The cantilever gates are painted in a dark bronze, glossy sheen. Design elements include laser cut cactus and geometric sunburst designs. The cactus and sunburst designs were painted in a lighter color, creating a subtle contrast to this eye-catching gate.

A cantilever gate is a type of slide gate that distributes its weight evenly when opening. Unlike a standard slide gate, a cantilever gate does not need a track with a wheel system over the driveway. This is because the longer, trailing edge of the gate creates balance as it slides parallel to the driveway. Cantilevered gates are appropriate for gravel driveways, asphalt driveways, or concrete driveways where the client does not want to install a track.

This iron security gate grants visitor access via digital keypad, which can be programmed by the homeowner to allow various authorized visitors through the gate, specifically when they are not home. Examples of authorized visitors might include a nanny, a landscaper, a roofer, family and friends, or anyone else who may need to drive their vehicle into the property. This gate also includes a free exit loop, to command the slide gate to open automatically for cars leaving the property, and two reversing loops, to ensure the slide gate does not close on a vehicle. A red Knox switch was mounted on the gate post to provide fire department access.

Adjacent to the entry driveway gate sits a pedestrian gate; complementing the style of both vehicle gates. Access control through the pedestrian gate includes a double-sided, mechanical lock that requires a code, to enter through the gate, and provides free exit as well. No power at the pedestrian gate? No problem! No AC power, wires, or batteries needed.

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