Hawaiian Slide Gate

Hawaiian Slide Gate


Featured Gate May 2019

This gate was designed for a luxury property in Hawaii! This project includes custom iron fencing, multiple pedestrian gates, and an 8 ft. automatic slide gate. The iron slide gate allows secured access for golf cart traffic, exclusively for use by the owners of these tropical condominiums. 150 ft. of fencing provides perimeter security for the property. A portion of the custom iron fencing encloses and protects a historical Hawaiian burial site, which can be seen in the thrid picture.

Five custom pedestrian gates were installed around the property, all painted bronze to match the automatic gate. All pedestrian gates are secured and can be accessed via card reader. The automated slide gate glides on a V-groove track and accessed via entry system keypad. A free exit loop was installed to ensure visitors can exit the property easily. This loop was embedded into the driveway to command the gate to open automatically for the existing vehicle. Shipping our custom gates and fencing was not an easy task and required extra logistics coordination. Traveling near and far, to provide our client’s with the security needs they desire, is just one more way we accommodate the needs of our customers.

Gate ID: 17156

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