Modern Double Swing Gate with Matching Fence and Pedestrian Gate

Modern Double Swing Gate


Featured Gate October 2016

It is not everyday we have the opportunity to completely transform an entire facade. Not only did we furnish and install this one-of-a-kind driveway gate, we also installed approximately 120′ of custom iron fencing around the front and side perimeters, custom protective bollards, and a sliding security gate at the front door entrance. The entire transformation creates a modern look that blends harmoniously with the exterior architecture of the home. The most creative element of the double swinging vehicle gate is the built-in flower planters. These planters are built out of steel plates and are attached to a hidden back-frame. They also feature hidden lighting strips to illuminate the entrance after dark. Other custom design features include 2″ x 2″ decorative woven mesh, a magnetic lock to secure the gate from being pushed open, protective bollards, and self-contained photo eyes, to prevent the gate from closing on a person.

The sleek and modern catwalk rail replaces the old, picketed railing, and complements the overall aesthetic of the home. It features 1/8″ stainless steel cables, punched through steel posts, and decorative shoes to conceal the post bolts (not pictured).

Most residential pedestrian gates come in the form of a hinged, swing gate with some type of manual locking mechanism, keypad or card reader. There are several unique features that set this gate apart from others. First, a sliding pedestrian gate is in itself a creative application. This gate rides on a v-groove track, typically a component of an automatic gate. It helps to stabilize the gate and, due to the gates size, assists with easy, smooth operation. The second unique feature is the request to exit button (not pictured). This button is located near the front door and eliminates the need for exit hardware that could be tampered with from the outside. Lastly, it features a telephone entry system for the homeowner to allow access with the push of a button on their phone. Both the request-to-exit button and telephone entry system fire a relay to release the magnetic lock so the gate can be opened. While these features are certainly not unique on their own, combining them in this fashion presents a cutting-edge passageway not often seen.

The before and after pictures of the back deck fencing and railing paint a striking difference in aesthetic. The fence features the same 2″ x 2″ woven mesh, maintaining consistent design with the vehicle gate, as well as a custom handrail, matching the new handrail at the cat walk entrance.

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