Modern Slide Gate

Cantilever Slide Gate


Featured Gate December 2015

This sliding, cantilever gate was custom-built to blend nicely with the modern exterior of the residence and maintain symmetry in an otherwise asymmetrical space.

One question we frequently get from our clients is, “Can you make the gate match my house?” Of course we can! Have an exterior fence you like? What about stairs or a handrail? We can recreate a similar look for a gate just as we did in this project.
Aside from security, one of the clients’ main requests was that the gate blend nicely with the existing, rectilinear design of the home. Typically, our gates are painted black so that they blend well with the surroundings. However, for this gate, we finished it off with a dark bronze to resemble the existing burnt cedar fencing (not pictured).

Mostslide gate applications call for a track across the driveway for the gate to open. Why clutter this beautiful, clean entrance with a track if you don’t have to? To counter this,we designed the gate to be cantilevered. This ensured that the gate aligned with the retaining wall, despite the slope in the driveway, thus achieving the clean look the client was asking for.

Gate ID: 14182

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