Featured Gate April 2018

This gate features a contemporary and modern automated gate in Queen Anne. Design elements were particularly important on this project, as the client wanted the gate’s design to blend naturally with the new construction home. The highly customized, architectural design mimics the geometric pattern of the garage door.

The slope of this driveway appears to be a challenge at first glance; but we knew exactly how to tackle this project! Our experience over the years helped us to solve this challenge in a two-step process: First, we installed specific gate operators which allow the gate to swing upward, not just inward. Second, the gate hinges were specifically designed to allow the gate to swing uphill without the risk of it hitting the ground. Extra care was taken during the design process to ensure the geometry was 100% correct.

This gate is operated by a single-button transmitter and optional keypad on the post. The keypad is a great alternative to access the gate when going for a walk, as the resident doesn’t have to carry their transmitter. It also has a magnetic lock, which guarantees the secure gate cannot be pushed open by trespassers.

The double swinging pedestrian gate was painted bronze to resemble the front door, which also matches the color of the vehicle gate. The single gate panel is locked by a lever handle and deadbolt, while the secondary gate panel is secured in position with a drop rod assembly. This drop rod assembly lets the client swing both gate panels open for large parcel deliveries, if needed.

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