Rustic Slide Gate

Rustic Slide Gate


Featured Gate February 2019

This gate features a rustic, custom-fabricated gate located right here in Seattle! The security gate was purposely left to rust to match the exterior architectural siding on the house. By not painting or galvanizing the gate before it was installed, the elements of the Pacific Northwest took over and created an oxidized layer of rust on the surface of the gate. The pictures to the left illustrate the difference in oxidation between the first day it was installed and several months into the rusting process.

This slide gate is the perfect application for a short driveway, which most can relate to in the Seattle area! Unlike swing gates, slide gates need extra room on one side for the gate to slide open. This gate is accessed via single-button transmitter by the homeowner only. Guests do not have access to the gate unless the owner opens it for them or they are provided their own transmitter.

Gate ID: 17186

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