Black Pacific Ped Gate

Black Pacific Ped Gate


Featured Gate June 2018

This gate features a flat-top, iron slide gate, recently installed on the Eastside. The horizontal and vertical pickets give a simple and clean look, which blends well with the modern lines of the home. One question we are always asked is, “What if the power goes out?” Our response? No worries! The slide gate operator has a battery back-up system that is designed to keep the gate running until power is restored.
As shown in the picture below, this 19 ft., automatic gate slides on a stainless-steel track. The gate track spans the entire width of the driveway entrance and has an additional 18ft of back travel space. In totality, approximately 35 ft. of total space was required to install this gate. While that may seem like a lot of space, this is a great example of how a sliding security gate can be installed, without encroaching on the short drive space, and how little impact it can have on this well-thought-out landscape design.

This custom gates’ entry system is mounted on a drive-up pedestal, giving guests a convenient way to request access without stepping out of their vehicle. The gate entry system allows for two-way voice and video communication between the owner and their guests, through a video-intercom. Safety is a top priority for us. To meet UL325 safety standards, photo eyes were mounted to the gate posts to provide protection to a person, or other obstruction, in the moving path of the gate. Photo eyes command the iron gate to remain open if an obstruction breaks the beam.
The pedestrian gate, designed to match the style of the vehicle gate, features a lever handle lock system with a deadbolt, if needed.

Gate ID: 17163

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