Gnarly Tree Gate

Gnarly Tree Gate


Featured Gate February 2018

February’s Featured Gate is a double swing gate that is truly one of a kind! This is one of our many gates that can be found on the nearby islands of Seattle. Our design team custom designed this gate, like they do for each customer, to resemble the architects’ vision of a gnarly tree. The leaves were twisted to create dimension that truly parallels the often-asymmetrical silhouette of a tree. Thoughtful design conceals the gate operators from view from the outside-looking-in.

Not shown in this picture is the telephone entry system, located on a drive-up pedestal just before the gate entrance. The DoorKing entry system, which is wired to the homeowners’ existing phone and provides two-way communication at the gate, gives the resident the ability to open the gate from the house. It has popular programming features such as time zone call forwarding, which will call forward to your cell phone so you will never miss an important guest. It also includes time zone hold- open, which commands the gate to open and close automatically during pre-programmed hours, for parties other hosted events!

A Knox switch, which is recommended for safety, was installed for the fire department to access the property in emergencies. Reverse loops were built and installed into the ground to command the gate to remain open if a vehicle is in its path. In addition, a free exit loop was installed to command the gate to open for an existing vehicle.

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