Sloped Iron Slide Gate

Sloped Commercial Slide Gate


Featured Gate November 2017

November’s Featured Gate is an iron slide gate located at a West Seattle office building. This commercial building needed a security gate that could match the steep slope of the driveway, so we designed an automated gate to perfectly fit the driveway like a puzzle piece.

The gate was hot dip galvanized to prevent rusting and was left unpainted to resemble the architectural details on the buildings. Unpainted, hot dip galvanizing is a popular finish to create a raw, industrial aesthetic. Welded wire mesh was applied to the gate to give character to the entrance. This commercial gate is opened via remote for tenant use and also features a 7-day time clock to hold the gate open during regular business hours.
Two matching pedestrian gates are on the property; one located next to the slide gate and the other on the west facing side. These gates are designated for tenant access only, with free exit. Hydraulic door closers gently guide the pedestrian gates to their closed position. These devices prevent the gate from slamming shut, which reduces wear and tear of the gate.

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